Dental Crowns: What They Can Fix

Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your body. Taking proper care of them is paramount to your overall health and you should visit your dentist frequently and regularly.

Sometimes though, it doesn’t matter how well we brush and floss, or how often we see the tooth doctor – sometimes, no matter how hard we try to prevent it, our teeth get injured and need a little help to heal.

Thankfully, local Kanata dentists are experts in one of the most effective ways to fix teeth: the dental crown, which is a natural-looking cap that is placed over a tooth to help improve its strength and appearance.

Dental crowns, like most dental work, sound terrifying and painful; but in reality, Kanata dentists use them to help fix a variety of ailments and even improve the health of your teeth overall.

Weak teeth. Some people have naturally weaker teeth than others, and still others develop weak teeth over time. These not-so-healthy teeth can become susceptible to tooth decay, disease or cracking, and if they do, Kanata dentists will fix them with a dental crown. By cementing a cap over the tooth, your dentist can ensure that the tooth will not become any more damaged.

Broken teeth. Anyone who has ever broken a tooth knows how incredibly painful it can be; you’ve essentially just broken a bone in your mouth. To “heal” the tooth as much as possible and also to replace it with a stronger model, Kanata dentists might use a dental crown to cap it and make it like new.

Cosmetics. Having a perfect smile can boost confidence and even improve someone’s quality of life. However, having a nice smile means more than just having straight teeth – it also means having well shaped teeth. In the case of a chipped tooth or just one which is not so perfect, clients can have their Kanata dentist install a dental crown to give the tooth the appearance of being the proper shape.

This can go a long way in improving someone’s overall smile.

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